Onia & Waves 4 Water

This season we donated proceeds to Waves for Water, to support their effort to bring clean drinking water to communities in need worldwide.  Fifteen percent of proceeds from Onia’s Wave Print collection will go towards this admirable organization.

Waves for Water’s clean water projects assess the needs of specific regions and then implements the best water filtering solution for each project. This can vary from ceramic filters for individuals or families to larger filters that can provide clean water access to an entire village. Waves for Water has globally funded projects from as close to home as New York City after Hurricane Sandy, to Sierra Leone. Additionally, they sponsor Clean Water Couriers, a program that provides water filtering systems to individuals already traveling to third-world countries who have alloted a portion of their luggage space for this cause.

To learn more and join in the initiative visit the Waves for Water website at http://www.wavesforwater.org/projects.