Introducing Alex Badia

Introducing Alex Badia

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WWD Style Director, contributor at Rolling Stone, Variety, Muse and Robb Report. Photos courtesy of Josep Fonti.


ONIA: Biggest culture shock you experienced moving from Barcelona to New York? 


AB: I actually lived and studied in London before moving to New York! I was born and raised in Barcelona, I then went to London for university, then finally to New York after finishing my studies. However the biggest culture shock for me was the fact that everything here seemed possible; everything was “yes.” It was also really surprising to me that within my first week of exploring in NYC, I had already connected with a strong group of 5 friends that I still have to this day. I even met my husband my second week! We have been together ever since. I began to feel I was here for a reason; it's like I showed up to New York and found my place and my family instantly. 


ONIA: Old-school fashion moment you wish would have a major comeback?


AB: This is a difficult question, because when I think of old-school fashion moments, I think of going to runway shows in Europe when I was in my 20s. During this time the fashion industry was in a completely different state, a different economy; even fashion magazines were valued... to me everything felt so glamorous and exclusive. I guess it is also because I was so young and impressionable, but these shows were so small — it felt super exclusive. I miss going to a show, seeing all of the magic, then walking out the door and discussing what I’ve seen only with those who have attended that same event. With today’s technology, millions of people around the world have the same access. But don’t get me wrong, I love how the industry has progressed with today’s day and age - I just miss the exclusiveness of the industry.

Photos courtesy of Josep Fonti.

ONIA: Dreamiest location you ever scouted for a photo shoot?


AB: I am trying to think of all the craziest locations I’ve been to shoot...Obviously I love being in the middle of the desert, or in really remote towns out in Southern France… Oh! I actually just went to Italy to explore Ischia; the island facing Capri — I stayed at the Mezzatorre Hotel. Although I went there for my own leisure, the first thing that came to mind is that this place would be the perfect shoot location for Onia. You guys should check it out — it is absolutely beautiful. The hotel is basically a renovated watchtower from the late 70’s. I’m actually super inspired by hotels from the late 70’s at the moment. 


There is another gorgeous location called The RockHouse in Jamaica — it's a rock formation with little hubs located within the rocks, it's unbelievable. It has history — I like to scout locations that let me tell a story, almost with a Bohemian feel, but not as processed.


ONIA: A city you wouldn’t mind getting lost in?


AB: Always Barcelona! I don’t think I’ll ever have enough of it. I will say that Madrid is also amazing to get lost in, but there is nothing like Barcelona for me. I always end up finding beautiful gifts for my friends, whether it's a pair of espadrilles or a sarong, I'm always coming home with such unique gifts I would not find anywhere else. I just got the most amazing straw hat for myself while in Barcelona and I know that I'm going to have it forever. 


ONIA: Traveling often helps people gain clarity on where their life goals and passions truly lie. Can you speak to how traveling may have done this for you in your career?


AB: Traveling for me is basically the number one requirement for a creative outlook. Without even thinking about it, the moment I go on the trip, by the second day I wake up feeling inspired; I begin to see things differently and see projects coming together in mind. Traveling is a crucial part of the creative process. It is very important to go on trips and see life, nature and culture that is very different and unfamiliar to us.


I love swimming..and not just because I love Onia! I always try to find time to visit the beach when I travel. Being in the water is just super cathartic for me, like swimming in the Mediterranean. Something about being in a different country and going swimming is truly healing — coming out of the water you just feel like a new person. It is definitely a part of my creative process. I am by far a sea person!

quote I love that there are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to the new generation. We need the young and brave to do that.


ONIA: Top suggestion for anyone trying to break into fashion editorial work?


AB: Do your homework, know your references and know your history. You must combine that knowledge and show a constant appetite for learning in order to strive in this industry.


ONIA: The most egregious styling mistake you wish today’s younger generation would stop making?


AB: I personally do not see it that way. I don’t want to say there are no mistakes, but I am very interested in how the young generation expresses themselves. I prefer to focus on these rising stylists, their new trends and how they apply maybe a headscarf for example. The other day I saw this guy wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo, Chanel handbag, preppy swimming trunks and a backwards baseball cap. Very different, but I loved it! I really enjoy seeing the way the world is evolving with fluidity and seeing this new masculinity emerging out of the fashion industry. I also remember seeing a girl wearing men’s pinstripe boxer shorts with cropped black hot shorts beneath. I love that there are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to the new generation. We need the young and brave to do that.


ONIA: What would you pack from for a perfect beach getaway?


AB's favorites: The Macro Stripe Abe Shirt in Bright Mint, Austin Shorts in Khaki, the Deep Navy Linen Bomber Jacket, The Elastic Calder Swim Trunks in Macro Stripe Peach Sorbet and Lemon Ice, Micro Stripe Carter Pants in Ensign Blue, The Vacation Shirt in Light Cream and a pair of Zach Suede Espadrilles in Deep Sage.

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