Introducing Britney Gill

Introducing Britney Gill

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Vancouver Native, photographer and entrepreneur Britney Gill shares her version of Hawaii through what she calls "organized spontaneity," the result — an unfolding narrative of pure Polynesian bliss.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Onia: You’ve described your work as ‘organized spontaneity’  I find this interesting as emotion and mood clearly play a large role in your work.  Do you find your connection to your subject is correlated to your outcome?  


Brit: I have never been too much of a planner and my best work happens when I least expect it. The paradox is that I go with my flow but I have

literally dreamt of my next steps my whole life; so when opportunities, jobs and inspiration do spark I know it is because I have been putting in the consistent mental work to call them in. 


Onia: What excites you most about photo

Brit: That it is ever changing, dynamic, endless, appreciated. 


Onia: How does landscape and your surrounding help shape your photo-stories?

Brit: It is really important for me to travel and see new landscapes and new light to stay inspired. Every space I travel has such a different quality of light and that keeps my stories fresh.

Lanai Island, Hawaii

Onia: Would you say the constant shifts in the digital landscape influences your work? How has the growing demand for content influenced your work as an artist?


Brit: It totally keeps me busy I will say that! Can't complain about it too much because I truly feel that has been my bread and butter for the past few years. I do find a tired redundancy in digital imagery, especially on social... I am trying to think up new concepts and ideas but that is a bit hard to balance when clients come to you inspired by past projects. That may just be the artists dilemma in general -- your people recognize you for one style and it takes a lot of courage and unknowns to completely pivot to something new. I get bored quite easily so I would like to say that I am constantly evolving at an organic pace. 



Onia: Art and culture are more accessible than ever via social media – has this been catalytic for your work? Where do you see the evolution of social’s influence on photo taking us next?


Brit: Instagram hands down is 90% responsible for where I am today. I started photography at the perfect moment in time and I have been riding that wave ever since. I feel so grateful for that community love, support and feedback I get daily. As we all get accustomed to high quality imagery every day I think it will push as collectively to create better and better content. I do worry about how people use social though and really encourage that you curate your feed to ONLY what inspires, expands or teaches you something useful. 

My best work happens unconstrained and in the moment — travel lends itself to that very well.
quote My best work happens unconstrained and in the moment — travel lends itself to that very well.

Onia: The relationship between travel and photo that you’ve created is truly unique, how do these work in tandem?


Brit:  I never did take direction well - I feel the most free in my work, and in life, when I am allowed to dictate the path. there is a certain unknown about travel that keeps my creativity fresh. I think I do best working off the cuff and living deep in a moment especially if it is appreciating something brand new to my eyes. My best work happens unconstrained and in the moment and travel lends itself to that very well so I am happy people resonate. 



Onia: How do you define success? Is success as a photographer definitive? What suggestions would you make to get there?


Brit: Doing what makes your soul happy is my definition of success and if photography ain't that than don't do it :) -- I have regular checkins with myself on whether I am on the right path and or if each of the jobs I am currently working on are still serving me and bringing me expansion. That habit helps me pivot when I am not feeling fulfilled in my work. When I know I am doing work that inspires me I feel sooooo successful yet inspired to keep getting better -- the insatiable need to create really never ends for me. My advice would be to be still, be in your body, be in nature -- find a practice where you can connect back to yourself to really hear what next steps you need to take.

North Shore, Oahu

quote "Natural Light always made me feel so happy long before I picked up a camera"
North Shore, Oahu

To see more of Britney Gill's work, check our her website here.

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