Copy of Introducing Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz

Copy of Introducing Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz

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Meet Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, Founders of MALIN+GOETZ

Images courtesy of MALIN+GOETZ

Images courtesy of MALIN+GOETZ

ONIA: A proper skincare regimen is obviously very important to you. How do you streamline or simplify it for the constraints of air travel?


M: Making skincare simple is what we do! Our Essential Kit is the perfect addition for head-to-toe travel. I really mean this--it is what I take when I travel, along with a few sample packets of Detox Face Mask to refresh and hydrate on a long flight or when I get to my hotel.

A: I’ll do just about anything to avoid checking my bag. Fortunately, most of our favorite products come in TSA-friendly sizes – so I never have to worry about lost luggage… or skincare. And since our brand was founded on the principle of less being more, I never have to worry about lugging around a medicine chest worth of toiletries.

ONIA: Do you have anything you love to do or try right away when you’re visiting someplace new?

M: I am generally a planner and will research restaurants in advance to make sure we are getting a great food experience.

A: I’m very curious by nature, and love jumping in to exploring a new place as soon as I can. There is nothing better than going on an exploratory run as soon as I can. It fights off jet lag, and it’s a great way to get your bearings when you are in a new place. If I can get access to a bike – that’s almost even better, as you can cover more ground.

ONIA: The fragrances you create are so evocative. Are there any you can pinpoint that bring you immediately back to meaningful destinations you’ve visited?

M: Our newest scent, Stem, was the result of our gardening experiences (we have a house and 9-acre garden in the Hudson Valley). It is the green residue left on your hands after a long day in the garden--the unexpected result of the hard work, rather than the obvious blooms and flowers. It takes me there...

A: Fragrances are very closely linked to memory for me – and I suppose for many people. Our Cannabis fragrance was partially conceived on my memories of having lived in Amsterdam for a number of years. Every time I smell it, I’m back on my bicycle pedaling through the beautiful streets of Amsterdam.

ONIA: You have diverse professional backgrounds. How do you feel this has benefited you in launching and successfully growing MALIN+GOETZ?

M: Being also partners in life, it has been one of our biggest assets – we had a clear division of tasks without stepping on one another's toes. Andrew is the creative and focused on production and manufacturing while I had experience in the beauty industry, focused on sales and product development. We both are marketers and worked closely on bringing it together.

A: As they say, variety is the spice of life. But yes, our diverse professional backgrounds have absolutely been an integral part of creating and growing the brand. MALIN+GOETZ is literally a fusion of both our two worlds; Matthew’s world of Beauty, and my world of Design. It’s an incredible blend of our professional and personal passions.

quote Travel is always inspiring for us. We are very passionate about discovering new places, meeting new people and discovering new things.

ONIA: Tell us one of your favorite stories about a product you've developed together.


M: The first product we developed was the Grapefruit Face Cleanser, a product that remains one of our very best-sellers to this day. I am normal to dry and suffer from rosacea, eczema and seborrhea and fragrance allergies, so it needed to work for sensitive skin. Andrew is normal to oily and used a bar of soap to wash his face, body and hair and to shave. So, it needed to be serious and easy and ideally, as a couple, something we could share. After months of development, it is a perfect daily cleanser that addresses all of those issues and more!

A: Every product has a story – it’s actually quite hard to single one out. Over the years, we have both become avid gardeners, and it was only a matter of time until we developed a product inspired by our garden. This summer we’ll be coming out with a new candle that blends our passion for fragrance with our passion for gardening. I’m also a passionate cook – so this new candle checks off that box too. But I’m afraid we can’t announce the scent quite yet – but perhaps you can guess?

ONIA: Of all the places you’ve each lived, where has been your favorite?

M: Originally from Detroit, I have now lived in NYC for almost 30 years and cannot imagine another place I would like better. It is the most diverse and energetic of cities. While I do not want to speak for Andrew, I can guarantee that his hands down favorite place – having grown up in NYC – is Amsterdam.

A: Amsterdam!

ONIA: Do your travels impact the innovations and new product developments you have in the works? Tell us how.

M: Sure they do, but maybe not in the way you would think. When we travel, we are able to put products to various tests of climate, packaging wear and tear, review demographic trends or requests and even show off new innovations to random people and solicit reactions and suggestions. It is a nice way to take ourselves from our comfort zone and see things objectively.

A: Travel is always inspiring for us. We are very passionate about discovering new places, meeting new people and discovering new things. While some of our fragrances have been inspired by our travels, most of our product development is inspired about how easy anyone can use our products. I suppose our products are literally inspired by their ability to travel and integrate to anywhere in the world.

ONIA: Which MALIN+GOETZ skincare products are best for tropical escapes? Which are better-suited for ski trips and winter weather?


M: Well, it may be the same: SPF 30 and Lip Moisturizer. Can't go wrong with either of these for sun or snow.


A: Our SPF 30 is a must have for both the tropics and the slopes. Whether you’re snorkeling or shushing, our Grapefruit Face Cleanser is a must. In hotter climates, our light but highly nourishing Advanced Renewal Moisturizer is a terrific choice. And when it is super cold, our Recovery Treatment Oil is great for fighting off the elements. And our Eucalyptus Deodorant is a must no matter where you go.


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