Visual Storyteller — Vianca Soleil

Visual Storyteller — Vianca Soleil

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Vianca Soleil is an artist by way of light manipulation and the tropics of the Philippine Islands, her canvas. Her affinity for tonal accents, dramatic light and picturesque landscapes showcase a modern Oasis. Island life provides Vianca stunning vignettes in which she shares like digital postcards from the East.


Vianca leverages an artistic approach to ambiguity and illustrates a hometown rich in motifs — we asked her a few questions to get to know her better in the literal sense here:

Where is home?


On a small island in Romblon, Philippines. The locals call it Puro which is the Filipino word for pure.


WHAT is home?


Home is a feeling, it’s a space that brings us together.

What remains your favorite ways to spend summer in your hometown? Both the younger Vianca and today?


It hasn’t changed much since childhood, we’d always go on road trips and explore other islands.


What is an easy way to feel connected to home when away from home?


By being really present when I’m with my family. Especially the rare times we’re complete. Then I can always come back to that memory whenever I feel homesick.

Would you like to share a few things that amplified your appreciation and pride for home while in quarantine?


Living by the sea, surrounded with nature is what I’m most grateful for during this time. Also seeing how resilient our small community is. The island is secluded and thankfully we have no cases but most of the locals struggle to make ends meet. It’s incredible how everyone tries to look after each other, in any way we can.

quote Togetherness despite differences... our ability to adapt in these times as individuals also reflects on how we adapt as a whole.

To you, what creates community? In today’s digital world, is community bound by proximity or can we transcend conventional community standards for good using today’s social network capability?


Togetherness despite differences first comes to mind when I think of community. Yes definitely, definitions of community change just as ways of living and communication change. Our ability to adapt in these times as individuals also reflects on how we adapt as a whole.

Your ability to capture landscape and environment is significant, what are some immediate motifs you find are definitive and unique to your home and landscape?


Puro is the ideal Filipino island setting - palm trees, rice fields, smiling locals, the simple life. Because the island is small, it feels intimate. We’re lucky to be facing south. On some months, we could see both sunrise and sunset from our shore. We’re also in a cove so the sea is often calm.


A few things inspiring your art at the moment? This could be people, places, artists, a feeling etc.


The island is my biggest inspiration, from its natural beauty to its simple way of life. I also find the artistic instincts of a child to be so inspiring and of course, music!

Your favorite pieces from the Onia Summer collection?


The Betty Scuba swimsuit! It’s such a fun and classic piece.


In addition to having a place to call home — what are you most thankful for these days?


After being stuck on the island for 9 months since the pandemic, I’m finally going to Manila tomorrow to see my family. It’s been a challenging time and I’m thankful I get to hug them very soon.

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