Casa Azimute with Carley Rudd

Casa Azimute with Carley Rudd

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Lagos' golden cliffs, charming landscape, and rocky beaches are Carley's canvas. A pastel palette pays homage to the inspiration behind Onia's Spring '19 collection - the Memphis Milano movement.

Casa Azimute - A window overlooking Portugal's Alentejo landscape  

quote I see the world in Compositions

Onia: What drew you Casa Azimute?


Carley: I was staying in Lisbon for a month, so I scoped potential boutique hotels I could visit during my stay. I also work with an amazing hotel collective called the Perfect Hideaway, and they had it on their radar as well. The refurbished farmhouse in the Alentejo wine region is located on a hillside with beautiful views of the surrounding area. I was most drawn to the minimal aesthetics that perfectly combine the old with the new.


quote I find it the most exhilarating art form in capturing a single moment in time to live forever


Onia: How has Instagram and the growing demand for content influenced your work as an artist? 


Carley: Oh man, I’d love to say that it hasn’t influenced it at all, but it most certainly has. I’ve been doing it for so long that now I usually know what type of photo will perform best on Instagram. I try not to post cliche photos, but every now and then I find myself feeling pressured to throw one in. However, that doesn’t stop me from being creative and always sharing my favorite shots, regardless of the amount of likes.


Onia: When do you feel most at home?


Carley: Well, this one is tough because in June it will be two years living as a digital nomad. I guess I feel most at home when I have an extra day or two to just stay in a hotel room and catch up on work. It seems there is always so much to be done, so a chill day in a bath robe and way too much room service is a great way to slow down, catch up, and get some much needed R&R. 

Onia: What do you find most exciting about the future of photo and what that means for travel photographers like yourself?


Carley: Long gone are the days when only people who could afford the expensive gear could create beautiful work. I think as we continue to move toward a more visual world photography will become more important than ever. I find it the most exhilarating art form in capturing a single moment in time to live forever. Miss it and it’s gone, but catch it… and the whole world can enjoy it with you.

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