Introducing A Guy Named Patrick

Introducing A Guy Named Patrick

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A true Man-About-Town — Patrick Janelle continues to remain an aspiration as an innovator in his approach to community, connection, and the digital space — all while challenging career convention.

Follow along for a few words with AGNP.

Onia: What does a typical day look like for an influencer / co-founder and entrepreneur? 


AGNP: I don’t know what my title is… let alone what my day looks like! Every day is completely different. I could be traveling to a far-flung corner of the earth or putting my head down to edit photos and videos in my Flatiron office. Often, I’m on phone calls, answering emails, or having coffee or lunch meetings. But the beauty of working for myself is that those things can happen anywhere, any time. 


Onia: Had you ever envisioned your journey shifting the way it did in 2014? 


AGNP: Absolutely not. First of all, Instagram was so new.. who would have ever known that it would be such an incredible source of community, inspiration, and business. However, I’ve always been a self driver, seeking out ways to take my creative ideas and make them literally work for me. So I’m grateful that Instagram has created that opportunity. 


Onia: As someone who clearly values community – are you able to tell us a little bit more about how The Gathering came about? How do you see this evolving in tandem with the digital space?  


AGNP: I’ve always been interested in the connection between the digital realm and life in the real world. I’ve also always loved dinner parties, cocktails, hosting, and gathering people together. So as I became more visible online, it was important to me to create opportunities to showcase my creativity in a tangible way by hosting events in which my audience, friends, and strangers, could connect IRL. That started with the now-shuttered Spring Street Social Society, and I’ve recently launched The Gathering, a series of smaller, more intimate events, in its place. Thankfully, showing those moments on my platforms has only increased their visibility and peoples’ interest in them.  


Onia: You’ve made multiple passions your day job – how often do you pinch yourself? 


AGNP: Probably not as often as I should. To be honest, I still have days when I’m worried about client checks making it in on time or where the next great gig will come from. But the truth is, it always does because I work hard to make sure it happens. The only one who’s telling me to get to the office on time is myself, and when I do pinch myself, that’s why. 


Onia: Have you always trusted the process? 


AGNP: Always. I’m sort of wired to do my own thing and believe that it will always work out if I’m dedicated and do my best. It’s often hard, but it hasn't let me down yet!


Onia: Aspirational locations on your must-visit list? 


AGNP: Places I’ve been to that are a must-visit for others: Big Sur, the Cote d’Azur, and Rio de Janeiro. Place on MY must-visit list: Cape Town, the Greek Islands, and Tel Aviv.

quote I’ve always been interested in the connection between the digital realm and life in the real world.

Onia: Would you say hindsight is 2020?


AGNP: Man, I’ve learned so many things in retrospect. I’ve gone through some tough times that have yielded some important lessons. About creativity, about business. The truth is, though, I’m still learning, and I still make mistakes. So...the vision may not be totally perfect in hindsight. But it certainly gets clearer as time goes on.   


Onia: What are your favorite pieces from the Onia Men’s Summer collection? 


AGNP: I’ve been wearing the Vacation Shirt as much as I can. It wasn’t even the first thing I picked out, but I fell in love with the print when I started wearing it. The micro stripe shirt and pant set is another favorite. I’m a sucker for a matching set.


Onia: One piece of advice for someone thinking of disrupting the status-quo and pursuing their dreams?


AGNP: Go for it. It’s never going to be easier, but it will always be more fulfilling.

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