The January Social Edit

The January Social Edit

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We’re hitting refresh - not just on 2020, but Instagram. As we all hope for a less convoluted, more peaceful social ecosystem moving into the year 2021, we reserve the right to daydream of beautiful people, places and things. Allow the fantasy to permeate your mind, even just for a little while.


Here are 13 accounts we think you should follow, or more like a passage in time.














Nicholas Préaud & Cyprian Chojnacki simulate actual dream worlds. “Casa Atibaia” among their more popular projects. Envision yourself nestled amongst the forested banks of the Antbaia river in Sao Paulo. Ultra-realistic spaces that feel more heavenly than anything else.


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equater books


A gallery favorite for vacation nostalgia. The kind that outlasts your camera roll. Moody mix of seascapes and animated adventure snaps evoke an urge to escape. Go ahead, manifest that destination.  


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The Art Across


The cumulative effect of black and white imagery makes a strong case for this account. It is full of moments that evoke the essence of timeless glamour. Iconic photographs from the likes of Herbert List, Helmut Newton and Vivian Maier help land this account among our top 13.


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Bruno V. Roels


A modern technique married to the vintage appeal of California culture. Who knew a single palm frond could live within so many elusive variations? Gaze into shapeshifting botany that takes on a new meaning in all its sepia-graphic glory. We wouldn’t mind hanging one of these in our NYC apt right about now.


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Art and Design

Carl Larsson


Your daily dose of art history, and an inside look to some of the more striking art/interior combos. The gorgeous design displayed across this account give us major home envy. Experience what it's like to live among the rich and fabulous using only your fingertips.


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Bryan Liston


Become transfixed on photographer Brian Liston’s surrealist approach to classic black and white film - modern-day chiaroscuro assembles itself through the contrast of women in nature - dark waters and fair bodies. Some could use a swimsuit though. Beautiful shapes and silhouettes imbue.  


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Michael Oliver Love


Simultaneous contrast allow for the intermingling of vibrant, unexpected and vivid color combos. Michael immediately commands your attention with sharp lines that move in and out of beautiful bodies. Allow the ambiguity of shape and shadow to carry you through a modern day dream.


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Carley Rudd


A call for natural light enthusiasts. Carley waits for the the perfect light limbo; she pays close attention to the way that light reflects from object to object. Softer color stories are like visual poetry, floating in and out of endless horizons.  


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Pink Essay


Not your average Wassily post. Pink Essay is entirely dedicated to chairs. Obscure novelty makes this one more attractive by nature. John Smith, Maarten Van Severen, and Guen Bertheau-Suzuki are some of the features designers. Take a seat.  


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Mid-Century B'ham Reno


This account highlights unconventional bliss. The best that design has to offer; grand atriums, vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling window treatments.


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Sophie Pinet


Subdued bohemian elegance is sprinkled across the page. It makes us long for golden days. Sophie paints a romantic depiction of luxury. Find special art pieces and a modern homage to nautical impressionism. It was the pinkish pigments, clad retro nautical motifs, and marine art for us.


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Architectural Digest France


Chic. The editor behind this account thoughtfully tells a story of art’s incredible impact on culture throughout history. Find the obscure in a more obvious place.


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King Of Style


We’re hopeful 2021 heralds in more sophistication than its predecessor. Iconic men in history give grace to the account, channeling ease of sex appeal, sophistication, and smart dressing — like that of JFK junior, Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant.


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